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About Us

Mindshop supports leading advisors in building successful and sustainable advisory businesses. Founded in 1994 by Chris Mason as a small advisory business it has now grown to support hundreds of quality business advisors around the world.

For a small, monthly investment business advisors gain access to regular training, experienced coaching support, a wealth of business tools / resources and a fantastic global network of advisors to work with and learn from as they seek to grow a successful advisory business.

Our Competitive Advantage

Mindshop's competitive advantage in the advisory market place is:

"To be the biggest impact on the performance improvement of our network members"


Mindshop was founded in 1994 in Melbourne, Australia by leading management consultant, Mr Chris Mason. In the years prior to establishing Mindshop, Chris achieved great success as an independent consultant in the areas of strategic planning and change management working with large companies such as Nissan, Robert Bosch, Amcor, Pilkington and Hella.

During the early 90's, Chris began to be approached by other highly skilled, independent business advisors looking to work together as a virtual team, receive training from Chris and gain access to the business tools / processes that Chris was using so successfully with his clients. After repeated approaches, Chris started Mindshop to deliver these support services to advisors.

Core Values

Mindshop is a family business and core values are very important. Mindshop has five core values being:

  • 1. Value to Others
  • 2. Continuous Improvement
  • 3. Best Practice
  • 4. Community Contribution
  • 5. Fun


Mindshop will be a market leader globally in building successful advisory businesses. It's target market is high quality advisors in key markets around the world who fit the core values of Mindshop and are looking to improve and grow their advisory business model.

Mindshop will continue to focus on simplifying the complex in business and being an early adopter of new, innovative technologies.


Mindshop has a fantastic team supporting its network of advisors around the world. Founder, Chris Mason has now taken on the role of chairman within Mindshop with the day-to-day running of the business left to his son, James who took on this role in 2001.

James is assisted by a fantastic team of regional managers in key market segments and a very capable head office team based in Australia. The training and support of advisors around the world are delivered by a team of high quality Mindshop trainers who themselves have been involved in Mindshop for over 10 years.

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