North American accounting firms are discovering the secret to growth

I’ve noticed a subtle shift over the last 12 months in accounting professionals’ attitude towards business advisory. What was previously seen as a replacement for an anticipated, yet unseen dramatic decline in compliance revenue, is now (rightly) being viewed as a substantial growth opportunity and competitive advantage. Past unfounded concerns about the ‘death of compliance’Read More

On Demand Webinar – How to market advisory services

‘How to market your advisory services’ is one of our most popular webinar topics, and is increasingly relevant in today’s competitive market. View James Mason’s half-hour webinar below.  You will learn how to: Identify your sustainable competitive advantage Define your target customers Create your business model Know your targets Start your marketing process After watchingRead More

What you missed – six business advisory insights from the Mindshop 2018 Conferences

It’s hard to pick just six highlights from across the three Mindshop conferences for 2018. So many great stories, practical tips, new capabilities and trends for business advisors were discussed. But I’ve attempted to give a little taste of what you missed. Many thanks must go to all the Mindshop advisor speakers and keynotes forRead More

Seven insights from Mindshop’s advisor training round 1, 2018

If you missed the first Mindshop advisor training round of 2018 we’ve put together some highlights to give you a taste of the practical information and insights shared at the events around the globe. James Mason, Managing Director of Mindshop, was joined by long-standing Mindshop advisor Rod Willers in Australia and New Zealand, with DrRead More

Mindshop Business Leader Report 2018

Mindshop surveyed over 160 business leaders and advisors in 9 countries to highlight the ten capabilities and high performance habits needed by business leaders to succeed in 2018. To download the report click here.