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How Mindshop Works

As an experienced Business Advisors you are looking for greater leverage of your time, growth for your business and on-going professional development to continue to evolve your client offering. You have approached Mindshop after typically trying many other support solutions in the market with little success. We find advisors realise that rather than more 'products and services' they require the experienced guidance, customised training / development, wealth of resources clients greatly value and global community of advisors only provided by Mindshop to be able to customise the value priced solutions they provide to clients. 

After speaking with your local Mindshop representative and typically a number of other Mindshop advisors you decide that Mindshop can deliver the outcomes you are seeking and is a good fit with the values / ethics you and seeking in an organisation. You then decide to apply to join Mindshop.

To apply the simple steps are:

  1. Fill out a simple application form
  2. Be accepted by your local Mindshop representative 
  3. Pay the first of your monthly membership investments and initial joining fee to cover your induction process
  4. Start immediately with your induction process driven by the Mindshop head office team and your experienced support coach

Your monthly investment covers all training, coaching and business tools / resources you access through Mindshop. There are no hidden further costs.

After your application is accepted immediately you are sent:

  • Joining Pack containing over 50 training videos
  • Full access to online resource centre

The first 30 day Induction process with Mindshop then involves:

  • Planning call with experienced support coach to understand your Vision, Business Model, Past Experience and Current Plans
  • Detailed One Page Plan submitted to support coach and regular calls commence
  • Induction call with Head Office team to walk through the support resources available
  • 24 step Business Improvement Course commences online

Four key elements are provided as part of the proven support model to help each advisor who joins Mindshop achieve their individual goals.


Mindshop provides a balance of regular face-to-face training and a range of 10 online training courses. The offerings includes:

  • 3 x full days of implementation training by an experienced Facilitator each year in your local region. Learn new tools / approaches and network with other advisors in your region
  • 10 x Online Training Courses (each with 24 worksheets and videos). Up-skill rapidly and a time suitable to you. These courses are available on topics including Business Improvement, Leadership Development, Continuous Improvement, Self Confidence, Marketing and Sales, Personal Improvement.


Gain access to an amazing online platform which will save you months of research and development for new client engagements each year. This site is broken down into sections called: Plan, Learn, Sell, Deliver, Collaborate and Share. Online you have access to:

  • 155 x Business tools and training videos
  • Key Performance Indicator logging area
  • Private Planning support forum
  • 18 x 1 day workshops with manuals, powerpoints, presenter notes
  • 13 x Sales Support Resources
  • 10,000 x Postings in Advisor Discussion Forum
  • 1 x Growth and Profit Lead generation Diagnostic to embed into your website
  • 25 x Specialist excel based diagnostics
  • 20 x Delivery Support Resources
  • Blog stream
  • Twitter stream
  • Mindshop Advisor Directory
  • 9 x case studies
  • 197 x historical strategy workshop, PowerPoint presentations
  • 17 x tool templates
  • 34 x expert tips videos

Coaching Support

Advisors joining Mindshop gain access to 24/7 guidance from some of the more successful facilitators globally who have been engaged as coaches within Mindshop. These coaches are also full-time in the field so the support they are providing to Mindshop advisors is in-tune with the current market. The coaching support involves unlimited coaching via email, the online private planning forum and phone regarding:

  • Building and monitoring your One Page Business Plans
  • Business Model refinement
  • Sales Process
  • Converting new clients
  • Tool / Resource delivery queries
  • Workshop structuring
  • Building Virtual teams within Mindshop


Many advisors who join Mindshop say that 50% of the benefit in joining Mindshop is the high collaborating community of advisors around the world Mindshop has built. Mindshop has hundreds of advisors spread across Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, North America, Asia and Canada. At regular training days, conferences and via the online discussion forum network with fellow advisors around the world to share what's working / what's not, new material, common client opportunities and business models.


During the first 30-90 days with Mindshop you will gain a solid foundation of the core Mindshop business tools, have a clear one page business plan, adjust your business model where applicable and fine-tune your sales process.

The on-going support provided by Mindshop continues to provide accountability to your business plans and confidence to tackle a greater array of new client opportunities. As your business evolves and grows the support provided by Mindshop adjusts based on the needs of each individual advisor.

Mindshop continuously improves its tools, technology and delivery approach. It is constantly improving the way it trains and supports advisors. This in turn ensures that as a Mindshop advisor you have the ability to stay 4 to 5 chess moves ahead of your competitors and clients by implementing the very best strategy / support available.