Value to Others

52 insights into business and personal success

by Dr Chris Mason

Many books purport to offer tips on how to thrive in the business world, but personal and business success really comes down to one thing: Value to Others. And if one always strives to provide value and help others, self-worth improves, leading to continual growth. This concept of growing self-worth by providing value is the first in a series of fifty-two business insights this invaluable handbook addresses. Years ago, at only thirty-five, author Dr. Chris Mason was appointed CEO of an international public company. But he soon discovered that its finances were in shambles. Determined, he spent a full year working through every single issue—it was his hardest year ever, but it was also his best. Being forced to learn everything the hard way with little support provided him the critical business experience he needed. He founded Mindshop in 1994, a company offering thousands of business leaders, advisors, and professional services each year the kind of support and training he himself would have treasured. Now, Value to Others offers the wisdom of Mindshop to a wider audience.

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Who will benefit?
Each presenting an anecdote, an explanation, and implementation tips, these insights will help business professionals everywhere including CEO’s, junior managers, consultants, and accountants reach their goals.

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Understand the inspiration behind the book ‘Value to Others’ and get to know the author – Dr Chris Mason in this short video.

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