Build the capability in your firm to offer advisory services to quality clients. Evolve your advisory skills as a successful partner or manager


  • Stop re-inventing the wheel, access a wealth of solutions for your clients
  • Learn new skills to benefit clients and the entire firm
  • Practical tools and solutions your clients will value greatly
  • Leverage Mindshop technologies to educate your entire team
  • Time effective learning solutions ideal for busy partners and managers
  • Attend our face to face events to earn CPE/CPD hours depending on your region


The professional service firm landscape is changing rapidly.
How will you keep up?

Digital disruption, commoditisation of traditional services, nimble competition and demanding clients are forcing firms large and small to embrace advisory services to create a profitable, competitive edge.

The modern business advisor in a professional service firm has a perfect blend of understanding the numbers, translating them into insights for clients and then assisting as they implement strategies to make those insights a reality. It’s a powerful competitive advantage, easier said than done.

Simple, template solutions may seem a quick fix (that many have tried over the years), but scripted solutions don’t work in an un-scripted world. Quality clients want an advisor who can think on their feet, draw focus on the most pressing issues, develop practical strategies to solve them and importantly, implement sustainable change via proven solutions.

Mindshop recognises partners and managers in all firms are time poor, not wanting to re-invent the wheel but at the same time want to gain the confidence to offer advisory services to any client, any time. Importantly they want it to fit with their style and be in their authentic voice. We understand the journey they are all on and what it takes for success after 20 years working with firms all over the world.

With the power to positively impact the growth of an entire firm (and all services), Mindshop is a complete advisory solution supporting the world’s leading professional service firms through training, coaching support, research & development, resources, products, technology and global network.

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