What are the ten capabilities that business advisors, consultants and coaches will need to succeed in 2017?

Discover the 2017 Mindshop Business Advisor survey results to help you focus on the capabilities needed to create cut through. Download the report and discover:

  • 10 key capabilities required for success in 2017
  • insights from the survey results
  • suggested strategies for success
  • how you rate for each of the ten capabilities
  • where you need to focus your learning and development activities

Download the 2017 Mindshop Business Advisor report here.

The ten capabilities business advisors will need for 2017 include:

  1. Managing priorities – focus on on what is urgent and important rather than prioritising based on the ‘squeaky wheel’
  2. Focus and energy – refining your vision and staying focused will free up capacity
  3. Building your ‘A’ team – role clarity, effective delegation and correct recruitment is a good foundation for employee engagement
  4. Re-imagining coaching – boost your geographic reach and capacity up to 20x by offering online coaching
  5. A powerful delivery model – leverage a one-to many model, moving from high tough face to face to online, giving you a chance to offer new, previously unachievable solutions
  6. Authentic thought leadership – demonstrate capability with evidence-based content delivered through appropriate channels
  7. Challenge strategic plans – business leaders rate strategic thinking as the number one trait valued most in an advisor
  8. Implementation and accountability – ensure clients’ plans are brought to fruition by honing your project implementation skills
  9. Accelerating referrals – ‘a trusted referral is the HOLY GRAIL of advertsing’ – Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook
  10. Agility – keep ahead of trends via research and questioning to maintain relevance

Download the 2017 Mindshop Business Advisor report here.