The Mindshop Difference

Continuous learning and innovation

Mindshop’s dedicated research & development team is continuously investigating the latest business trends and consulting techniques to ensure key insights are injected into the training provided to the global Mindshop community. Guided by feedback from the thousands of businesses using Mindshop tools and techniques each week, the Mindshop team are constantly innovating the methodologies and technologies used in the field to ensure they are ahead of the curve.

Practical tools

Over the last 20 years, Mindshop has been providing tools, training and support to tens of thousands of businesses around the world. Its foundation as a very successful consulting and strategic planning business has driven the creation of the hundreds of practical business tools and methodologies that clients love. Multi-national to micro business clients value that Mindshop has simplified the complexity out of doing strategic planning, leadership, growth, profit and many more aspects of building a successful business.

Diverse, Global network

Best practice often comes from outside of your own industry. This is the strength of the Mindshop global community with close to a thousand full-time consultants, professional service firms, CEO’s and managers all sharing best-practice, learning and networking with each other on a regular basis. The ability to share insights and be challenged by some of the world’s best operators in their chosen field is what sets Mindshop apart.

Experienced coaches

Each Mindshop implementation support coach is an active, long-term Mindshop community member. Mindshop support coaches are some of the most successful advisors around the globe in their chosen fields. Each Mindshop coach acts as a guide, working at a pace suitable to you to drive you to your own definition of success using the Mindshop tools, techniques and technologies. They’ve walked in your shoes and are available for support as and when you need it.

Complete solution

Our philosophy is that becoming a successful advisor is not achieved through a one-off event. It occurs through a series of 40-50 small touch-points (training, coaching, tools, insights, peer networking…) occurring over the many years invested to improve skills. Using this thinking, Mindshop powers successful advisors through an all-in-one advisory solution, delivering all the tools, training, support, insights, networking and products required for success. Challenges and opportunities arise when you least expect them, so Mindshop’s support and learning is also available ‘just-in-time’ to ensure each advisor has the confidence to say ‘yes’ to more opportunities.

Coaching and training technology

Mindshop advisors access their training, coaching, tools via the remarkable Mindshop Online cloud platform, available on PC, tablet and smart phone. Advisors leverage this same technology under their own brand to coach and train their clients or team members – a fantastic competitive advantage. With the cost to develop, maintain and improve innovative new technologies cost-prohibitive for most advisors, our ongoing investment in Mindshop Online immediately benefits the entire Mindshop advisor community.