Business advisory can take many forms, from delivering insights and problem solving, right through to implementation of strategic plans.​​​​​​

Presented by James Mason
Duration 24 minutes

Are you just starting out, or years down the track? Does your team have a wealth of capabilities to deliver a wide range of advisory services or are you learning the basics? In this 24-minute webinar, James Mason will uncover the types of models working at each phase, the capabilities you will need for success and where major revenue opportunities lie. Watch the webinar here:

In this webinar you will learn:

  1. the 5 phases of business advisory success
  2. the biggest opportunities to win advisory work
  3. key capabilities needed for success at each advisory stage
  4. example business models achieving great cut-through
  5. key strategies for the year ahead

After watching the webinar you can post comments and questions below this blog for James to answer.

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